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Individual Support

GMC supports young people to meet daily challenges and achieve their goals. The GMC team provides information and guidance on school/study, employment, accommodation, health and well-being as well as addressing personal and family issues. Young people are welcome to chat with the GMC team anytime.


GMC recognises the importance of employment yet acknowledges the challenges and barriers many face in finding a job. The GMC employment program links work experience with employment opportunities and incorporates workplace language and culture training relevant to specific workplaces. 


GMC works closely with other services including youth services to provide opportunities to interact with other young people. GMC  promotes regular recreational and social activites in different locations around Canberra and region including sports, arts and life skills programs. 

Women's Group

The GMC Women's group meets each week and is an opportunity for women to interact with others while exploring Goulburn and developing personal interests and learning new skills. 

Mums and Bubs Group

The GMC Mums and Bubs group meets each Friday and is an opportunity for young parents and their children to engage with others and learn about parenting and child development as well as for children to develop social skills.

Holiday Program

GMC Holiday Program presents a range of activities including excursions, movies, sports and special activities.

Service Satisfaction

GMC aims to provide quality service to all its clients. Please provide us with feedback on your level of satisfaction, your suggestions for a better service and your complaints. For more information